The Nikon Foundation

The Nikon Foundation offers final year photography students an opportunity to win the ultimate career enhancing boost – three month’s paid employment as a photographer’s assistant to renowned fashion and celebrity photographer John Wright!

John Wrights favorite camera is the Nikon NASA F4 which was also the first camera to have digital storage.

Entries will be shortlisted to ten portfolios by John Wright, a representative from Nikon, Warren Jackson, Art Director at Condenast and Russ O’Connell, Photo Director at Q Magazine. The ten shortlisted entrants will be invited to attend a job interview on 20th April 2011 at John Wright’s photography studio in London where they will be required to talk about their photography and why they want to work with John. This will also be an opportunity for John to get to know everyone, and to work through some photography exercises.

Living in London to do the job, the winner will also receive £3,000 cash to help with living expenses. And if this money can’t buy prize is not enough we’ll also be giving the winner a top of the range Nikon professional camera and lens kit too worth £4,000.

John Wright’s portfolio is bursting at the seams and includes shots of a whole host of A List celebs such as Bono and Lady Gaga. Working with John will give the lucky winner an unrivalled opportunity to learn from the best, to make invaluable industry contacts and to experience the real-life demands of a career in photography.

View John’s Profile

The Brief

Who can enter?

Any final year student studying a higher education photography based course at university or college in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland.

To enter this exciting competition to win this once in a lifetime opportunity you are required to submit a portfolio of 5-12 of your best digital images. There is no particular theme for this competition, however, remember you are submitting a portfolio so editing will be taken into consideration. All genres of photography will be considered.

Like with any job application you will be required to submit a covering letter of no more than 500 words explaining why you think you are the right candidate for the job. The covering letter is your opportunity to sell yourself and show John how you stand out from the crowd.

Include any examples of work experience you may have had within the industry outside of your course.

To help you get started, try to include some details on the areas listed below:

What strengths would you bring to John’s team
Why would you work well with John
Where do you see yourself in 5 years
What would you say is your photographic style?

How to enter

To enter the competition, simply click on the “enter now” tab at the top of the page. Please note, you must upload your portfolio of images (as a zipped file) in one go as you are not able to save the page and submit further images at a later point. You will be required to complete the online registration form with all of your contact details, and you should also upload your covering letter introducing yourself and explaining why you should win (this should be uploaded as a word / text document).

The Prize

3 months paid employment with top fashion photographer John Wright as an Assistant, with an annual salary of £15k, pro rata.
£3,000 cash to help with general living expenses
Nikon professional camera and lens worth £4,000

Judging Process

Entries will be shortlisted to ten portfolios by John Wright, a representative from Nikon and a leading magazine editor. The ten shortlisted entrants will be invited to attend a job interview on 20th April 2011 at John Wright’s photography studio in London where they will be required to talk about their photography and why they want to work with John. This will also be an opportunity for John to get to know everyone, and to work through some photography exercises.

Entries will be judged on:
1. Originality
2. Technical Proficiency
3. Visual Impact
4. Content of covering letter

The lucky winner will start their placement with John at the beginning of June 2011.

Lightroom and Your Wedding Photos

  • List of free Lightroom wedding presets from Sleeklens
  • Presets that can make 3D effects on your wedding photos
  • Introducing Lightroom brushes as an additional feature from Lightroom wedding presets

Are you planning to make some enhancements to your wedding photos? Don’t look no further, Sleeklens Lightroom wedding presets have it all. We offer the best presets you can use for the enhancement of your wedding photos.

As in the case of its Forever Thine Wedding Workflow. One of the unique features of these Sleeklens Lightroom wedding presets is that it has a 3D effect on your photo, and Forever Thine, needless to say, has that interesting feature.


With its 112 wedding presets to choose from, including its additional brushes, it is no wonder that this particular collection continues to make an impression to photographers and designers alike. Aside from allowing you to enhance your images with that 3D effect, you’re also given lots of choices as far as presets and brushes go.

You get to enhance your wedding pics the way you wanted it to be, even out of your own style and personality at times. You are in control of your own photo editing, which is a stark contrast compared to the old days when your photo editing is at the hands and mercy of your photographer.

Now, with these Sleeklens Lightroom wedding presets, you are in full control of your photo editing as soon as you have downloaded this app.

So get that Forever Thine wedding preset now or any other wedding preset that suits your fancy or taste. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these Sleeklens Lightroom wedding presets because you can redo your adjustments as quickly as you have used them with your images. It has tools, nonetheless, that even beginners can easily dig.

Start your Lightroom habit now; make it a part of your routine before, and even after you have posted your favorite pictures online. In no time, however, you will see the effect of having this app with you, as more viewers are following you online.

Personal Review of Adobe Lightroom

  • People are making big debates and arguments as to which software serves better.
  • Lightroom and Photoshop have their own unique features.
  • Lightroom is not just a simple post processing tool.

I have been in the photography industry for several years now and I’ve also used a lot of post processing tools along with it. Among all the tools that I’ve encountered with, Lightroom is my favorite as it helps me save time and effort in modifying my images. Ever since I got its first version, I know that this software will provide better service to its users.

LR1111Before Lightroom was officially announced,  I thought that it’s just a simplified version of Adobe Photoshop wherein it can enhance images by using filters. But as days go by, my impression became a myth because Lightroom was definitely far from Photoshop.  The program contains more useful and effective tools like the seven editing Modules (library, develop, map, print, web, slideshow, and book), presets, and more.

People are making big debates and arguments as to which software serves better.  But, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop have their own unique features. It shouldn’t be an issue from the start since the two software were built and developed by Adobe. Photoshop is dealing with more complex editing details while Lightroom is fast, convenient to use and can create portrait Lightroom presets.

There are a lot of people asking me if I would prefer Lightroom to photographers, well, the answer is yes. Nowadays, as photographers, we need something like Lightroom to help us with our editing workloads. Photoshop has actions, but the presets are easier to create. Presets are basically the heart and soul of the program. It can be used and modified all over again, plus, it can be applied to one or more images at once and with just a few and simple clicks.

Lightroom is not just a simple post-processing tool. It allows us, photographers, to live a simple, happy and joyous life because we’re allowed to modify our images the easiest way as possible.

Is Lightroom 6 worth it?

We are all aware about how famous and popular Adobe Lightroom is; we also know that the program is one of the biggest, effective, fastest and reliable image processing the industry today. What other people want to know; Is Lightroom worth it? As much as possible, we will give you an explanation why Lightroom is worth it.


Aside from its ability to transform raw images into an outstanding and brilliant photo, Adobe Lightroom has also the capacity to help photographers save a lot of time and effort in modifying hundreds of images in a day.

Since 2006, Adobe has been consistent in providing premium and high quality versions of Lightroom. And just recently, the company has released its 6th version of Lightroom. The newly upgrade program has a lot of new additional editing features such as HDR and Panorama merge, facial recognition, enhanced importing features, advanced graduated and radial tools and more. In addition, Lightroom 6 has more unique default presets than the previous free lightroom 5 presets.

Moreover, Adobe system allowed their users to get more free Lightroom presets from other resources online. They can either get the bundles of presets for free or paid.


Overall, the program did a job well done in building Adobe Lightroom. With its amazing features and services, it’s no doubt that more and more people will try and use Lightroom for their images.

Get To Know The Basics In Lightroom

Generally, Adobe Lightroom contains a lot of useful and exciting features that can help both amateur and professional photographers with their editing workload. However, because of its massive services, people tend to overlook the important ones such as the control panel and other tools such as the sliders, print mode, and web sharing. That’s why in this article, we want to let you understand the importance and functions of the control panel in Lightroom.

Close up of photographer Sarah LeeThe control panel in Lightroom is the heart and mind of the whole program. It contains the most important, yet basic functions. It is located on the right side of the develop module interface. These controls under the control panel will give users the idea on how to edit  and adjust the colors in the image easily. We always have to remember that Adobe Lightroom was developed to assist photographers in modifying their images as easy as possible.

The Control Panel Setting In Lightroom

Treatment Adjustment

Basically,  this control can be seen in the first page of the control panel settings. If you don’t know how to use it, you may refer to other Lightroom preset tutorials to understand the program. However, if you have an idea on how to use it, you can immediately use it to make different changes in your image such as the black and white setting, brightness, and more.

White Balance

White balance settings can be found anywhere, literally. It can be in your iPhone camera settings, digital camera settings, and other known post processing tool. However, the white balance control setting in Lightroom is better than any other devices since it automatically detects pixels and spots that needs immediate upgrade.

Color Contrast

Adjusting the color contrast of the images in Lightroom is easy. Like any other image editor, you only need to hover and control the sliders until you are satisfied with the changes. A Lightroom contrast editor is more convenient since it can be used for both major and minor editing.


The Importance Of Photography In Our Lives

Have you ever thought about the importance of photography? Or do you just think of it as just a hobby for people who want to take a lot of pictures for nothing?

LR31At present, there is a vast and persistent improvement and evolution within the photography industry. People are slowly realizing the advantages of using digital cameras. However, there are still some people who don’t understand the importance of photography in our daily lives as they only thought of it as a waste of time and effort.

In this article, we will talk about the several reasons on why photography is significant.

Photographs Brings Good Memories

Most people would prefer saving their photography albums, picture frames, and digital storage devices with images instead of saving other important material stuff during calamities. Why? Because photographs bring back good old memories that can make us forget all the bad things that happened in the past.

Photography Improves Our Creative Skills

One of the best reasons why photography matters is that it allow us to express our thoughts and ideas in a very unique way. When using post-processing tools such as Lightroom, we tend to use our creativity even if it is not enough. It gives us an opportunity to mold our skills and use it for more important purposes.

Photography Builds Network

Basically, there are thousands of high-quality images uploaded online every day, and most of it were idolized and loved by people whom they don’t know.  Photography don’t just end in taking nice pictures and modifying it in Lightroom to be used as “Lightroom presets”, it also helps us build networks. Another  good example of this is when we share our images online so that other people will see it.

Photography, at its own unique way, is a very powerful and strong word which helps us in a lot of ways. Let us use our skills and make wonderful memories.

Getting the same stellar results in Adobe Lightroom, all the time


A photographer will more often than not be judged by the quality of the images that they produce. They will also from time to time be judged on how consistent they are in their work. It is the same in photography as it is in other form of art, if someone looks at a photo you took, they ought to see your style and your personality shine through it. This is why it so important for you to ensure that you are as consistent as possible when it comes to your photography work.

old school camera

One of the ways that you can use to ensure that your photographs are consistent is using the same monitor. Remember that each monitor or screen is not only different and calibrated differently, the technology used to make screens and monitors varies so much that the colors you see on one monitor may not be the same as those on another monitor. When you use the same monitor to adjust your images,you will not only be more consistent, your photographs will also look better since they will be “created equal”.

A lot of people do not take into consideration the mouse they use when doing their post-production work. Granted, you do not need the latest laser mouse with space and distance precision of up to 15 decimal points but you at least need a mouse that is pretty accurate. This is so that your clicks, color choices and slider/adjustment movements are as accurate as possible. This is especially important if you do a lot of work with Adobe Lightroom. Trust me, those two seconds that you waste repeating a task or redoing an adjustment when creating a Lightroom Preset could very easily become a good number of lost hours for every month of work you do. Using a high precision mouse will allow you to hit the right colors and adjustments all the time thereby helping in its own small way to ensuring your work is consistent and accurate.


Speaking of Lightroom Presets, it is known that a designer or photographers who creates under water action camera Lightroom presets has a certain style to their work and their presets always have a certain “look” and “feel” to them. If you create your own presets, always try to ensure that they are as similar as possible. If you do not create them yourself, ensure that you get them either from the same designer or photographer or from designers and photographers with the same style.

Lightroom 6 Review

pic10Recently, Adobe System has just released the latest versions of both Lightroom 6 and CC. These two are known to be the best professional photo editing programs in the market. Lightroom 6 and CC have a lot of similarities but lightroom is more useful and convenient than CC. In this review, we will try to differentiate the features and settings of lightroom 6 and cc.

One of the greatest advantages of lightroom CC is that you can enjoy the many profits of the cloud system including the ability to sync image collections with all types of devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones.

On the other hand, lightroom 6 have a lot of new features including additional lightroom presets, cv design, basic editing tools and more. The only drawback of this program is that users can’t enjoy the creative cloud system.

Services of Lightroom

Adobe lightroom is a well-known professional image editing program that was intended to assist photographers in all types and levels with their editing process workload. Moreover, it is also designed to help them save time and effort in editing images. Adobe lightroom is also similar to Photoshop; however, it contains more convenient tools than photoshop.

Generally, users will still need to use Adobe photoshop for some tweaking such as mask layout, layers and more since lightroom can’t do much of it. However, when it comes to basic adjustments like white balance, contrast, cloning, healing, brightness and exposure, lightroom can deal with it smoothly. One of the best features of lightroom is the ability to create personalized lightroom presets or commonly known as filtered image.

Basically, if users want to explore and use their creativity skills, lightroom is the best program. However, if they are in a hurry and have no time to create new ones, they can always look for bundles of lightroom presets online and download it for free.

More of Lightroom

Adobe system has launched new and exciting tools for editing and organizing images in lightroom version 6. They included new stuffs such as HDR and radial tools, panorama and so much more.


Three Features To Enjoy in Lightroom 6

portraitLightroom never fails to surprise their users. As a matter of fact, their latest version of the famous editing program has a lot of features to look up to aside from lightroom presets. In this article, we will talk about the three major features to enjoy in lightroom 6.

Here are the top three features of lightroom 6:

Face Detection

Unlike Photoshop wherein they offer free photoshop actions, Adobe added face detection in their latest version of lightroom. It is designed to help photographers locate people in the library panel. However, this feature has been around for quite some time in all mobile devices which does not surprise users. Moreover, this feature simplifies the task of every photographer since they can save time detecting the face in the image.

What’s more interesting in this new upgrade in lightroom is that it allows users to add and assign keyword and tags. Photographers can use special tags and keywords in each image they are processing. However, these tagged images are not included in photo sharing; they can only be shared once specifically selected.

HDR Merge

High dynamic range or HDR images are created by two or more images of the same shot at different exposure and shadow adjustments. HDR has been known to capture a more specific light and color.

What’s more instantly obvious in this version is that HDR images in merge tools looks natural and not over processed. The company redesigned HDR so that images will not look too loud.

Panorama Merge

Creating and combining images to make it look more like natural panorama is one of the biggest challenges for most beginners. Fortunately with lightroom 6, users will save a lot of time editing images by using this new feature.

The Panorama merge in lightroom has the ability to combine numerous photos in perspective profections, cylindrical or spherical. It also crops away all the unused and unwanted edges on the image.



Advantages of Using Lightroom Presets

LR 25Have you heard about lightroom presets? It is a collection of ready-to-use filtered images. When you install lightroom, it contains several saved presets. It can also be used as often as you want to help you speed up the editing process. Presets have a lot of classifications; it could either be one of the following: printing, export, layout, book, metadata, calendar presets, develop and web gallery. But in this article, we will discuss more about the advantages of using develop presets or the modification you make on a certain image.  Presets are editable, so if want to add some styles, you can modify it immediately.

With lightroom’s develop presets, you can easily modify your images by applying the default or built in presets to it. You can also turn your cursor around the interface and choose the most brilliant presets for your images. Good thing about lightroom is that it allows users to use presets to hundreds of images at once. Moreover, to make things more simple and easy, users can view images side by side to figure out the changes made.

Most photographers use lightroom for convenience. They can create their own presets anytime they want. However, some of them find it very time consuming. So instead of creating new presets, they download or buy presets online since it is ready to use.

Advantages of Lightroom Presets

The major advantage of lightroom’s develop presets is that it can help you speed up your editing workflow. By just clicking the develop preset on the module, you can directly apply the presets on your image. Basically it saves you from that difficult photo editing task. You do not need to worry about adjusting the contrast, brightness manually; lightroom will do it for you.

On the other hand, if you are having troubles editing thousands of images a day, lightroom can help you do it in just a few clicks. All you have to do is pick up the best presets from the collection, apply it first to one image, select other image you want to edit and you’re done. This program is perfect in helping you meet client’s deadline.

During the days where you run out of ideas about how to create beautiful presets, lightroom can be your savior; it will give you tons of ideas on what to do next.

Tips in editing images

  • In order to save more time in editing, modify the image first by using your preferred presets and make minor adjustments after that.
  • Download free lightroom presets online and edit it anytime you want.
  • Lightroom can work perfectly fine with JPEG and RAW files. Working with these files can give you freedom to modify its noise, sharpness, expore and etc.
  • Explore new tools such as straightening and adjustment tool in the develop presets.
  • Avoid using crops and broken presets, it can destroy the original beauty or the image.


Why You Need To Use Adobe Lightroom

lightroom2It doesn’t really matter if you are a veteran and expert photographer or just a novice in using DSLR camera to be overwhelmed by the images you take. The only things that matter here is how you manage your photos, or how do you balance your time in editing all of it. Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, this article will help you.

What is Lightroom by the way? Do you really need it for your convenience or will you just settle for Adobe Photoshop? In 2007, Adobe system decided to build Lightroom to help professional photographers in their workflow. However, as they continue to release better versions of Lightroom, beginners and other camera enthusiast are now welcome to use it for their images.

Adobe Lightroom is considered a powerful tool for photo editing

If you happened to visit Adobe’s website, the first thing that appears is a sign that Lightroom is part of the Photoshop product team. It was built not to remove and replace Adobe Photoshop but to help professionals simply their workflow. According to Adobe, Lightroom is an instinctive photo editing tool since it has the ability to apply one filter to all images.

Adobe Lightroom is known for its ability to convert RAW files. Using Lightroom for editing process can help photographers work through their loads of images from organization, import, to sorting and processing. It also has the ability to share images directly on the web.

Moreover, users can easily make adjustments to lightroom settings such as contrast, saturation and exposure. And perform other editing stuff such as image sharpening, vignettes, cropping, toning and reducing image noise. In addition, Lightroom’s main feature is the presets, or more like actions setting in Adobe Photoshop. Lightroom presets can record all the adjustments made in one editing process.  You can find a source of lightroom features online.

The Benefits of Using Lightroom Presets

2Ever since Adobe released Adobe Photoshop, it has been consistent in helping professional photographers with their photo editing needs. People know that photographers use adobe photoshop to enhance images and make it more presentable and beautiful.

However, in 2006, Adobe released a program called Adobe Lightroom with buit-in lightroom presets, a photo editing tool that is intended to help beginners and professional photographers edit their images easily. Lightroom has the capacity to edit massive numbers of images in few clicks only.

Lightroom and Photoshop don’t have any major differences. Lightroom is an easy-to-use tool since again, it can edit large numbers of pictures, while photoshop is a tool where time and effort is needed since you need to edit images manually.

But, there are still a lot of people who are loyal in using photoshop and that they don’t want to use lightroom since they are not familiar with its uses and benefits.

So the big question here is, what are the benefits of using lightroom presets? For lightroom users, there is no need to explain since they know it already. But for those photographers who are still trying to understand lightroom, this article is for you.

Basically, lightroom users enjoy it because of these two reasons/benefits: First, it saves time and it allows them to take more wonderful pictures. Second, the editing process is easier, faster and effective.

When you use lightroom presets in the future, you will know that it is far better than using photoshop. The following listed below are the benefits of using lightroom presets:

  • Saves time and effort
  • User friendly
  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy photo editing process
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Effective
  • Produce high-quality images
  • Works with JPEG and RAW files
  • Edit large numbers of images in few clicks
  • Has Copy and Paste features

If you want to know more about lightroom presets, visit this facebook page for lightroom presets.

Basic Tips on How to Create the Best Adobe Lightroom Presets

Do you discover yourself making the same alters and applying the same settings again and again to your photos? Provided that this is true, the chances are you can chop down your screen time significantly by making utilization of Adobe Lightroom Presets.

You can make, oversee and apply presets through the Preset Panel in the Develop Module. Furthermore, you can likewise apply them through the Library Module’s Quick Develop board, and notwithstanding when you first import your pictures. You can also see more exciting Lightroom free presets.

Actually, Adobe Lightroom presets are so natural to get to holds with and apply, that once you’ve made a specific impact or treated your picture in a manner that you like, there truly is no compelling reason ever to make the impact sans preparation again. You can just make another preset and after that apply it perpetually after with a solitary snap.

Watch the video below on how to install lightroom:

Cam profile preset

In this exercise, we’re going to demonstrate to you best practices to make two helpful Adobe Lightroom presets. A standout amongst the best (and minimal known) approaches to give your pictures an alternate look is by utilizing the Profile alternatives as a part of the Camera Calibration Panel.

red noon LR preset
As a matter, of course, this is situated to ‘Adobe Standard’, yet frequently this isn’t the best decision. So we’ll demonstrate to you proper methodologies to make an Adobe Lightroom preset that will change the profile, and afterward disclose how to apply it amid import so that your pictures quickly look better.
Once we have done this, we are going to change the picture to high contrast and after that include a punchy part tone impact, and obviously demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to spare another helpful Lightroom preset for this.
Below are the Tips on how to create the best Adobe Lightroom Presets;
1 Change the profile

Open Lightroom then go to the Library Module and snap Import. Explore to your begin picture and check the case beside it, and then snap Import. Next go to the Develop Module and discover the Camera Calibration Panel on the privilege. Try different things with the Profile alternatives – we’ve tried for Camera Neutral.

2 Make a preset

Presently go to the Preset Panel on the left and snap the in addition to sign that will make another preset. Snap Check None and after that check Calibration. Give your new Lightroom 5 preset a name and afterward hit Create. Since our alignment preset is made, we can apply it to different pictures amid Import.

3 Apply amid Import

Do a reversal to Lightroom’s Library Module, hit Import and afterward explore to presets_before02.CR2. Select the picture and after that go to the Apply During Import box on the privilege. Next open Develop settings, pick your recently made alignment preset (discover it in User Presets), and after that hit Import.

4 Make essential changes

Go to the Develop Module then get the Crop apparatus and product in more tightly to uproot the muddled edge. Next go to the Basic Panel and utilize the sliders to enhance the tones. Information the accompanying settings: Temp 5000, Tint +5, Exposure +0.90, Contrast +20, Highlights +16, Shadows +7, Blacks -11 and Clarity +4.

5 Convert to Mono

Presently we are going to change the picture to high contrast, so go to the HSL/Color/B&W Panel and snap B&W. Click the little target instrument to one side of the board and afterward snap and drag this upwards over the skin that will lift the tones marginally. Next go to the Tone Curve and plot a shallow S-shape to include contrast.

Adobe Lightroom

Your photography will goes this way if you want something to be added or deleted, to enhance something such in background, size and color of your photos, you can have Adobe light room.  Light room is an image developer developed by adobe, it allows; viewing, organizing, and retouching a large number of images. This is the latest processor who keeps your photos in an organize way.  It creates more attracting photos you desired. With the high-tech world today everything is possible with the help of computers. There are many benefits in using adobe light room

Advantages of Adobe Light Room:
•    Easy to transfer and access your photos, it allows you to access immediately and transfer or share photos to other system or computer in folders and albums
•    You can see the effect before printing it, and it made your job quality with correct data of output you desired.
•    Built in maps, every time you want to have photos no need to worries because it has a built in maps, you can just drag and drop photos in Google as easy as that.
Adobe Lightroom•    On image editing, with the use of light room you can edit automatically, because there is editing tool provided.
•    No need for saving automatically, no need to worries if you forgot to save it and which file did you sort it was automatically saved. If you have changes it will correctly record to the catalogue database where your image is stored.  You can preview the history, such as before and after effect to see the difference and improvements.
•    You can edit your videos, if you want to attach and delete some part; adobe light room is enabling in making this way.

With our modern technologies we can do a many things to improve our work and output. With Adobe light room your photos will improve the effects will be indispensible.