Three Best Action Cameras of 2016

  • People are more entertained whenever they look at a death defying scenes on the television or in YouTube.
  • The market for selling action cameras has greatly stretched and expanded.
  • This article will discuss about the three best action cameras in 2016 available in the market.

In today’s generation, people are more entertained whenever they look at a death defying scenes on the television or in YouTube. Thanks to action cameras, it has the ability to capture extreme sporting events for outdoors like monster truck races, climbers, cliff jumpers, X-games sport athletes and more.

With great demand for this adrenaline entertainment experience, the market for selling action cameras has greatly stretched and expanded. Fresh businessmen from all age groups have followed the trend of creating their own action camera product like what is first announced; GoPro. That’s why in this article, we will discuss about the three best action cameras in 2016 available in the market.


GoPro Hero 4 Black Action Camera

GoPro has been on the top spot for the best action cams of all time. The only advantage of GoPro camera is its expensive price. On the lighter note, GoPro provides the best and high-quality image and video resolution in which you can create a short movie out of it.

Sony HDR-AS50R Action Camera

Another great invention of Sony is called the HDR AS50R action camera. It comes with a wireless remote and an LCD screen that can be mounted on to your wrist. The remote of this action camera is actually helpful since it makes it very convenient to control the camera angle without moving the camera. Also, knowing Sony, the image resolution can be compared to a GoPro Hero cam and there can be no issues when recording videos.

Yi Action Camera

This action camera is best for people with minimal budget. The Yi action camera is more affordable than the GoPro Hero series. It functions similarly to GoPro, however, does not have the same resolution as what GoPro has. Also, this camera doesn’t come with freebies; most accessories like waterproof case, monopod can be purchased with different price range.

Getting the same stellar results in Adobe Lightroom, all the time


A photographer will more often than not be judged by the quality of the images that they produce. They will also from time to time be judged on how consistent they are in their work. It is the same in photography as it is in other form of art, if someone looks at a photo you took, they ought to see your style and your personality shine through it. This is why it so important for you to ensure that you are as consistent as possible when it comes to your photography work.

old school camera

One of the ways that you can use to ensure that your photographs are consistent is using the same monitor. Remember that each monitor or screen is not only different and calibrated differently, the technology used to make screens and monitors varies so much that the colors you see on one monitor may not be the same as those on another monitor. When you use the same monitor to adjust your images,you will not only be more consistent, your photographs will also look better since they will be “created equal”.

A lot of people do not take into consideration the mouse they use when doing their post-production work. Granted, you do not need the latest laser mouse with space and distance precision of up to 15 decimal points but you at least need a mouse that is pretty accurate. This is so that your clicks, color choices and slider/adjustment movements are as accurate as possible. This is especially important if you do a lot of work with Adobe Lightroom. Trust me, those two seconds that you waste repeating a task or redoing an adjustment when creating a Lightroom Preset could very easily become a good number of lost hours for every month of work you do. Using a high precision mouse will allow you to hit the right colors and adjustments all the time thereby helping in its own small way to ensuring your work is consistent and accurate.


Speaking of Lightroom Presets, it is known that a designer or photographers who creates under water action camera Lightroom presets has a certain style to their work and their presets always have a certain “look” and “feel” to them. If you create your own presets, always try to ensure that they are as similar as possible. If you do not create them yourself, ensure that you get them either from the same designer or photographer or from designers and photographers with the same style.

Adobe Lightroom

Your photography will goes this way if you want something to be added or deleted, to enhance something such in background, size and color of your photos, you can have Adobe light room.  Light room is an image developer developed by adobe, it allows; viewing, organizing, and retouching a large number of images. This is the latest processor who keeps your photos in an organize way.  It creates more attracting photos you desired. With the high-tech world today everything is possible with the help of computers. There are many benefits in using adobe light room

Advantages of Adobe Light Room:
•    Easy to transfer and access your photos, it allows you to access immediately and transfer or share photos to other system or computer in folders and albums
•    You can see the effect before printing it, and it made your job quality with correct data of output you desired.
•    Built in maps, every time you want to have photos no need to worries because it has a built in maps, you can just drag and drop photos in Google as easy as that.
Adobe Lightroom•    On image editing, with the use of light room you can edit automatically, because there is editing tool provided.
•    No need for saving automatically, no need to worries if you forgot to save it and which file did you sort it was automatically saved. If you have changes it will correctly record to the catalogue database where your image is stored.  You can preview the history, such as before and after effect to see the difference and improvements.
•    You can edit your videos, if you want to attach and delete some part; adobe light room is enabling in making this way.

With our modern technologies we can do a many things to improve our work and output. With Adobe light room your photos will improve the effects will be indispensible.