Is Lightroom 6 worth it?

We are all aware about how famous and popular Adobe Lightroom is; we also know that the program is one of the biggest, effective, fastest and reliable image processing the industry today. What other people want to know; Is Lightroom worth it? As much as possible, we will give you an explanation why Lightroom is worth it.


Aside from its ability to transform raw images into an outstanding and brilliant photo, Adobe Lightroom has also the capacity to help photographers save a lot of time and effort in modifying hundreds of images in a day.

Since 2006, Adobe has been consistent in providing premium and high quality versions of Lightroom. And just recently, the company has released its 6th version of Lightroom. The newly upgrade program has a lot of new additional editing features such as HDR and Panorama merge, facial recognition, enhanced importing features, advanced graduated and radial tools and more. In addition, Lightroom 6 has more unique default presets than the previous free lightroom 5 presets.

Moreover, Adobe system allowed their users to get more free Lightroom presets from other resources online. They can either get the bundles of presets for free or paid.


Overall, the program did a job well done in building Adobe Lightroom. With its amazing features and services, it’s no doubt that more and more people will try and use Lightroom for their images.