Three Features To Enjoy in Lightroom 6

portraitLightroom never fails to surprise their users. As a matter of fact, their latest version of the famous editing program has a lot of features to look up to aside from lightroom presets. In this article, we will talk about the three major features to enjoy in lightroom 6.

Here are the top three features of lightroom 6:

Face Detection

Unlike Photoshop wherein they offer free photoshop actions, Adobe added face detection in their latest version of lightroom. It is designed to help photographers locate people in the library panel. However, this feature has been around for quite some time in all mobile devices which does not surprise users. Moreover, this feature simplifies the task of every photographer since they can save time detecting the face in the image.

What’s more interesting in this new upgrade in lightroom is that it allows users to add and assign keyword and tags. Photographers can use special tags and keywords in each image they are processing. However, these tagged images are not included in photo sharing; they can only be shared once specifically selected.

HDR Merge

High dynamic range or HDR images are created by two or more images of the same shot at different exposure and shadow adjustments. HDR has been known to capture a more specific light and color.

What’s more instantly obvious in this version is that HDR images in merge tools looks natural and not over processed. The company redesigned HDR so that images will not look too loud.

Panorama Merge

Creating and combining images to make it look more like natural panorama is one of the biggest challenges for most beginners. Fortunately with lightroom 6, users will save a lot of time editing images by using this new feature.

The Panorama merge in lightroom has the ability to combine numerous photos in perspective profections, cylindrical or spherical. It also crops away all the unused and unwanted edges on the image.



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